Glad You Asked! Sarah lied?, COVID-19 & church, and more!

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Apr 01 2020 35 mins   1

Welcome to another "Glad You Asked" episode! Here are the listener questions we'll be answering this time:

  1. Since Sarah is held up to us as a woman we should strive to emulate, was she right to follow Abraham's instructions to lie about their relationship to Pharaoh and Abimelech?
  2. Are Believers violating Scripture by not gathering for Sunday services and other church events during COVID-19 quarantine?
  3. How should I address a female "pastor" who introduces herself as "Pastor Beth or Joyce or Lisa"?
  4. God is bringing me out of New Apostolic Reformation heresy, but my husband is still deeply entrenched in it. How can I cope and minister to him?

We're always collecting questions for the next Glad You Asked episode, so drop us an e-mail or social media private message with your questions any time!