Machiavelli's Prince

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Jun 10 2007 13 mins   2
Niccolo Machiavelli was a political and military philosopher around 1500AD in Florence, Italy during the Italian Renaissance. His name is associated with shrewd, cunning rule. His most famous work, The Prince, features many tips for princes to conquer territory (whether it is decentralized, or centralized):
  • Destroy the previous hereditary line
  • Attack the strong, leave the weak
  • Act unilaterally
  • Live in the conquered territory
  • Send in colonists rather than soldiers
  • Commit all crimes simultaneously
Machiavelli's perfect "Prince" has a military background and extensive knowledge in history, specifically military history. The Prince should cultivate a loyal local militia, rather than having to rely on mercenaries or auxiliaries. Large military campaigns should be conducted frequently in order to distract the populace.

For more information, read:
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