46:My Chaos and My Christ

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Jun 17 2017 27 mins   1

Things are going good!

It's weird! lol

I talk about a blog post I published this week where I process why things are going good. There's less chaos in my head and it's somewhat confusing! Is it imposter syndrome? Is it denial? Hey! Maybe it's my antidepressants!

I have a new job and some details are shared and then I launch into the main topic which is why bloggers so often talk about how messy their lives are. What is the deal with this? Is it necessary?

I have some theories.

After exploring my theory, I talk about how realizing our differences and similarities is super helpful in having a healthy self-concept. Talking about the mess is part of the process.

Also it's part of having a better understanding of our neighbors which I think is an important element to our lives.

The HOT-MESS SPECTRUM. Does this have anything to do with personality types? I don't know but there is definitely a spectrum. What about culture? Tell me if you are more open about your life in your culture, or less open!

The issue of sin is a part of this too, at least it is for me.

I'm pretty sinful. We should be taking note of the sin in our lives.

For me this means identifying my mess.

The thing is, we are not enough (podcast link to related show on that topic), and God DID come to help the helpless (blog post link to related post). So when I talk about the chaos, I talk about my Christ.

What about Luther's ""sin boldly" quote? Yeah he said that but the point was (I believe) how much we should be boldly trusting in Christ for the salvation of ourselves from our sin. Our God is bigger than our sin!

See what you think and get back to me. Email, twitter, Facebook - the links are below. I'll probably keep talking about messy lives. :)


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