Instant Rave 018 (Deichbrand & Senso Sounds) by Oliver Huntemann

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Oct 22 2020 64 mins   21
Donate here👉 Oliver Huntemann Myths abound in the north when it comes to techno ground zero, and they refuse to go away. Oliver Huntemann is one of a handful of children of the north who, for what seems like an eternity, add an element of credence to the mythology. Shards of German Engineering glimmer in his music, laced with persuasive logic, gruesome Darwinism. What remains: what works. The resulting creations are linear, free of fancy, charmingly direct. The nature of his skeletal sound as could be titled as “bare and striped back to the metallic core“ – whereby Huntemann’s reduction does not end in thin minimalism, it draws attention to the core itself. Less is more to the max. The only luxury is a little dirt. Whilst hordes of German producers and DJs set their satnavs for Berlin, Oliver Huntemann chose to head back home – Hamburg to be exact.