Dr. Angelique Jenney: Children's Mental Health Stigma & Embracing our Emotions

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Sep 02 2020 42 mins   1

Angelique Jenney, PhD, RSW, is an Assistant Professor and the Wood’s Homes Research Chair in Children’s Mental Health in the Faculty of Social Work at the University of Calgary. Dr. Jenney has over 20 years’ experience in intervention and prevention services within the child protection, children’s mental health and violence against women sectors. Dr. Jenney’s research and program development has been devoted to understanding and responding to the impact of violence in families. Find a recent blog post Angelique wrote on stigma and children's mental health access and experiences.

We discuss how stigma is a barrier for children and adolescents accessing early interventions for mental health--despite its potential to change the trajectory of their lives. Mental health stigma contributes to bullying and social isolation of children, and blaming of parents. We discuss stigma, fear, stereotypes and misinformation toward parents and families with children with mental health issues. Angelique shares how we need more dialogue about complicated feelings (and the magic of Inside Out!) and how we can use our range of emotions to know ourselves. Angelique recommends saying yes to opportunities that you may be afraid of, and being ok with being uncomfortable so we don't reject everything that we are afraid of. We also invite dream future podcast guests: Barack Obama, Dan Levy and Bruce Springsteen.

Episode hosted by Dr. Carmen Logie. Supported by funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation and Canada Research Chairs program. Original music and podcast produced by Jupiter Productions, who have various production services available to support your podcast needs.