Ep. #42 The Real Reason You Can’t Stop Drinking...(and how to stop)

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Sep 09 2020 44 mins   1

In today's episode I discuss the ONE and ONLY reason that over rides every single excuse in the book for why you can't stop drinking. And so I don’t leave you hanging,  the one and ONLY solution that works in every situation. Right now, you don't yet believe that a life without alcohol will be better than the suffering it is causing you. (this is happening in your subconscious) That some how, alcohol is STILL the solution. Until you DO this work, the work I offer to my clients, you will always be in deprivation, chasing a shadow of pleasure to fill a void that keeps getting bigger and bigger, and strengthens your attachment.  The solution from the suffering alcohol is causing you, actually LIVES in the thing you are avoiding: your emotions.

You want to FEEL better, but you don’t want to feel.
All of the questions you have around drinking boil down to one answer. Your unwillingness to become aware of your emotions, validate and understand them. I teach my clients to find comfort and ease in the emotional intelligence of the self, from here, the place of dissociation created by alcohol, actually no longer feels safe.  Get your emotional intimacy step by step guide when you sign up for my free, How To Stop Drinking Workshop. Also, when you schedule a complimentary alignment session with me HERE