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Jan 28 2020 118 mins   1
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IN THIS EPISODE: (Dark Archives episode with stories from September 27-28, 2018) *** Poltergeists have been reported as having unique personalities. Some are violent, others are eerily playful. But in Vietnam, they are dealing with one that likes to start fires. (Pyromaniac Poltergeist) *** In 1885 a madman stalked the streets of Austin, Texas, slaughtering women where they slept. You might think he was inspired by London’s Jack the Ripper – but this was three years before anyone ever knew about Jack. (The Servant Girl Murders) *** Does Stanley Kubrick's classic 1980 film The Shining contain a hidden code about the Apollo moon landings? (Under a Shining Moon) *** Are ghosts and shadow people the same thing? Author Jacob Shelton doesn’t think so – and gives us an indepth essay behind his reasoning. (Ghosts And Shadows) *** In September, 1935, the Labor Day Hurricane obliterated the Florida Keys, killing hundreds. Even today, more than 83 years later, skeletal remains still continue to occasionally be found… as do some of their ghosts. (Ghosts Of The Labor Day Hurricane) *** Nathaniel Bar-Jonah was accused of murdering a child. Soon, his neighbors remembered the strange meat he'd given them years before. (Child Killer and Cannibal) *** Was the notorious Dr Crippen, convicted and executed in 1910 for the murder of his wife Cora, actually innocent? (Dr. Crippen and the Chamber of Murder and Horror) *** Two women decide to move into a flat together – but quickly find out they might have a paranormal third roommate they didn’t know about. (The Other Flatmate) *** In the wild frontier of the 1790s, Americans had much to be worried about. Drought, famine, being injured with no one there to get help for you, poisonous snakes, hungry wolves, even being scalped by bloodthirsty natives of the land. But nothing was so scary as… the Harpe brothers. You see, the Harpe brothers didn’t choose their victims – they simply killed anyone who got in their way, including women and children. (Two of the Outlaws of Cave-In Rock)

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Musical theme from “The Shining” cover by Kay Bizzy:
“Under a Shining Moon”:
“Pyromaniac Poltergeists” by Paul Seaburn:
“The Servant Girl Murders” by Orrin Grey:
“Ghosts and Shadows” by Jacob Shelton”:
“Child Killer and Cannibal” by Wyatt Redd:
“Ghosts Of The Labor Day Hurricane” posted at Ghosts N Ghouls:
“Dr. Crippen and the Chamber of Murder and Horror” posted at The Unredacted:
“The Harpe Brothers: Two Of The Outlaws Of Cave-In Rock” by Troy Taylor:
“The Other Flatmate” by Jubeele:
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