Ep. 263 - Matthew Tyrmand: Confirmed! Proof of Massive Biden Corruption - Big Tech & Media Block

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Oct 26 2020 62 mins   14

Ep. 263 - #MatthewTyrmand, Investigative Reporter, and the source on #HunterBiden's Laptop Prove MASSIVE CORRUPTION with 26,000 emails from #BevanCooney, #DevonArcher, the #CoverUp by #BigTech, #Media and #Censorship. And then Dave's Election Predictions, #Borat2 review and what's at stake on Nov. 3rd. Matt is a Lincoln Fellow at the Claremont Institute, Haggerty Fellow at the Conservative Partnership Institute, works with @Project Veritas Open The Books, and has contributed so publications across political media. Find Matt on Twitter at http://Twitter.com/MatthewTyrmand.


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