Motion: Scalability is impossible without sharding and layer-2 solutions (Georgios Konstantopoulos vs. Anatoly Yakovenko, cohost: Tarun Chitra)

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Jul 21 2020 102 mins   6


Georgios Konstantopoulos (@gakonst)
Anatoly Yakovenko (@aeyakovenko)


Richard Yan (@gentso09)
Tarun Chitra (@tarunchitra, special co-host)

Today’s motion is “Scalability is impossible without sharding and layer-2 solutions.”

Today’s discussion is highly technical in nature and I’m glad to have Tarun as my co-pilot. Between the two debaters, one is building a public chain that insists on achieving scaling without sharding, and the other is an independent consultant with extensive experience with various chains, including many layer-2 solutions.

My co-host Tarun’s summary at the end was quite apt - it’s easy to pull a carriage with one horse, but can you pull a carriage with 1024 chickens? The debate seems to partially come down to how powerful the machines can get to sustain the ever-growing network activities without resorting to quote unquote, fancy techniques like sharding and layer-2 solutions.

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