2020-Oct 28, Wednesday - BREAKING: Democrats & Big Tech Announce Plans To Censor President Trump On Election Day 🅴

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Oct 28 2020 177 mins   81
President Trump holds two major rallies in Arizona with just days left until the election. Project Veritas has caught the Republicans in Texas cheating for Biden, James O’Keefe joins us with the latest news and what’s next for Project Veritas. Big tech censorship continues as they are now banning video of Trump supporters speaking at rallies for not wearing masks. This happens while the CEOs of Twitter, Facebook and Google all testify that it’s not happening. They do make a stunning admission though that the FBI is telling them to censor the Biden emails and they plan to censor President Trump on election day. Owen opens up the phone lines asking people who switched their vote from 2016 into 2020 and why, the answers may surprise you.


James O’Keefe

Brandon from That’s the Point

Deanna Lorraine