Episode 57- Jason REMAKE 🅴

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Oct 27 2020 61 mins   1

This week on Fearless Films, the guys confront their most dreaded enemy once again - THE REMAKE. This time they are discussing Friday the 13th (2009).

Pete explains how the writers crammed four movies worth of plot into this one film, and yet somehow came up with a shallow series of kills with barely any story holding them together (and that's compared to the 80's slashers this is rebooting).

Kevin is barely hanging on after a month of Jason, and finds no respite from this entry. He has the know-how to see how this movie is somehow a worse version of the entire franchise he just learned about. 

So join us for the most gratuitous sex scenes in the franchise, a human Jason that plays the most dangerous game, and a hillbilly having relations with a mannequin (really). And remember, don't get too scared...