Episode 58 - The Evil Dead 🅴

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Nov 03 2020 52 mins   1

On this week's episode of Fearless Films, the guys take their 1973 Oldsmobile Delta 88 to the place where evil spends its summers, Sam Raimi's The Evil Dead!

Pete explains the cult classic that built the foundation of a group of young people meeting at a secluded cabin and conjuring spirits from an ancient book. He also explains that the way to defeat the evil is to hack it limb from limb, even if it is possessing your loved ones.

Kevin learns the hard way why late night parties reading ancient Sumerian are never a good idea. He then questions any vacation spot that only has one way in or out, and thinks these kids should have got their money back from their travel agent.

So join us in this cabin of chaos, and remember: don't get too scared...