Stop It With The Flowers And The Urine (The Dibbuk Box) by Anxious and Afraid the Pod

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Oct 26 2020 70 mins   31
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In Episode 32, Abby takes a deep dive into the world of haunted objects and tells the crew all about the dibbuk (dybbuk) box.
Surfacing online in a long 2003 Ebay listing was an antique wine box which was allegedly inhabited by a dibbuk, referenced in Jewish folklore as a restless spirit looking to possess a living person.
Kevin Mannis, the man who listed it on Ebay, described at length the ordeals he and his family had been through since acquiring the box and seemed to be desperate to get rid of it.
Tune in to hear about all of the different owners of the dibbuk box and their haunting experiences while possessing what some would call the most haunted object on earth.

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