54 — Vayeira: Old Thou, Younger-Looking You!

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Nov 05 2020 48 mins   13

This week, we talk about a cool trans Ishmael who is really good at her archery, an abundance of father figures and bio dads, and some cute gay prophets.  Lulav also attempts — and absolutely whiffs — a literary reference derived from one of the kings mentioned.

Here's a nonacademic summary of the history of how we stopped using "thou." Jaz recently read Modern Reform Responsa by Solomon Freehof and is currently reading Questions Jews Ask: Reconstructionist Answers by Mordecai Kaplan. You can follow them on Goodreads here. The Moby Dick deepread podcast we mention is Moby Dick Energy, our sibling in being hosted on Buzzsprout.

Transcript available here. Unfortunately, our transcript this week is a little delayed; there is a partial version for about half the episode as of release, and the full transcript should be completed by Friday.

This week's reading is Kings II 4:1-37. Next week's reading is Kings I 1:1-31.

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