Ancient Rome and Modern America

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Feb 17 2007 16 mins   2
eriHistorians referenced in the episode: Gibbons, Vegetius, Bark, Toynbee, Ward-Perkins, Heather, McNeill, Bury
Comparisons between the fall of Rome and America now:
  • Military Conquest
    • Rome: Conquest by Germans under Odoacer
  • Loss of Identity
    • Rome: Germanization of Army and empire
    • America: Hispanic Immigration boom into army and country
  • Loss of Unity
    • Rome: Eastern and Western Roman Empires
    • America: Country vs. City, Democrat vs. Republican
  • Loss of Economic Strength
    • Rome: Lack of gold, lack of exportable goods, income disparity
    • America: Outsourcing, economic decline, income disparity
  • Loss of Military Strength
    • Rome: Overextension, Middle East problem
    • America: Overextension, Iraq
  • Loss of Population
    • Rome: Plague, Lead Poisoning
    • America: Avian Flu, Obesity
  • Loss of Environmental Security
    • Rome: Salinization of North Africa
    • America: Lack of oil security, global warming
  • Loss of Civic Virtue:
    • Rome: Laziness
This is purely an informational episode. I am not trying to persuade anybody or make any generalizations or make any predictions about the future. I am trying to support famous claims, but this does not mean that these claims are foolproof. Feel free to comment with your opinions.

For more information, read:
Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire by Edward Gibbons
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Vanity Fair (October 2006): Empire Falls

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