Axis Attacks on US Soil

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Jan 09 2007 11 mins   1
Axis attacks and proposed attacks on the North American portion of the United States during WWII are often forgotten. This episode explains all of these little-known attacks:
  • Japan:
    • Occupied parts of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska for about one year
    • Planned bombings of the Western United States via armed seaplanes
    • Sent 9000 bomb-filled balloons over to the United States to start forest fires/knock down power lines
  • Germany:
    • Created prototype long-distance bombers to bombard New York from Great Britain
    • Created long-range intercontinental rockets to bombard the US East Coast
    • Deployed saboteurs in New York City via German submarines in the Atlantic
    • Almost attacked the Panama Canal after taking control of a Colombian airline
  • Italy:
    • Planned to send midget submarines and naval special forces into the Hudson River
For more information, read:
Military History Magazine (June 2000): Aerial Attack on Oregon
Military History Magazine (August 2002): Perspectives,13319,77031,00.html

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