Iraq Study Group Recommendations

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Dec 30 2006 12 mins   1
The Iraq Study Group Report's Recommendations Sections gives a total of 79 recommendations for how the US should proceed in Iraq. Diplomatically, the US should do more by launching the New Diplomatic Offensive accompanied by the creation of a Support Group (full of regional and world powers) in order to discuss and compromise on a variety of issues. This support group should include Iran and Syria because, even though the White House has problems with their respective governments, both countries would benefit from negotiating since both countries put a lot of effort into Iraq.

Also, the US should threaten withdrawal whenever the Iraqi Government does not reach its benchmarks on time (these include the ratification of the Petroleum Law, the Militia Law, etc.). Even if it does reach these benchmarks, though, the US should begin a gradual rollback of forces. First, active combat forces should be moved into Iraqi Army Brigade protection roles, Iraqi Army training roles, and Iraqi Army support roles (Special Operations, Air Support, etc.). Then, these training forces should also be slowly pulled out of Iraq as the Iraqi security forces gain more power. By early 2008, the US should be 100% training and 0% occupation.

The Iraq Study Group is a bipartisan commission led by James Baker and Lee Hamilton. This episode summarizes the recommendations section of the Iraq Study Group Report. The previous episode featured the Iraq Study Group's assessment of the current situation.

For more information, read: Iraq Study Group Report

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