The Third Naval Age

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Oct 29 2006 11 mins   1
The Naval Ages: Galleys, Sails, Steam, Missiles. This episode focuses on the third naval age, the Naval Age of Steam.

The Third Naval age began with ironclad battleships, also known as pre-dreadnoughts, which effectively used artillery guns, iron plating, and steam power. The keynote war of this naval era is the Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905), specifically the Battles of Tsushima Strait and Port Arthur.

Once the HMS Dreadnought was created, the dreadnought battleship era of the Naval Age of Steam began. This era would last until WWII. The keynote battle of this era was the Battle of Jutland in WWI.

The Third Naval Age ended in WWII as a result of the aircraft carrier, which replaced battleships as the principle ship of the fleet.

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