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Oct 15 2006 15 mins   2
The Red Raiders of the 22nd Bombardment Group were involved in almost every single major action in the Pacific Theater of World War II. Starting out as a medium bomber group (equipped with the B-25 Mitchell and the B-26 Liberator), the "silver fleet" turned into a heavy bomber ground once it was outfitted with the new B-24 Liberator heavy bomber.

The group's amazing five-year history is explained thoroughly in the book: Revenge of the Red Raiders (The Illustrated History of the 22nd Bombardment Group during WWII). This illustrated encylopedia contains over 1000 pictures (w/detailed captions), 5 comprehensive appendices, and 624 pages of detailed (albeit thick) information. The pros and cons of the book are discussed within the episode.

Revenge of the Red Raiders can be purchased here

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