Military Robotics - Airborne

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Oct 09 2006 14 mins   1
This is the second part of a two part episode on military robotics:
  • UAVs or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
    • RQ-2 Pioneer: Israeli/American recon UAV
    • RQ-1 Predator: American high endurance recon UAV, armed with Hellfire missiles
    • RQ-4 Global Hawk: American high altitude recon UAV
  • USV or Unmanned Space Vehicles
    • Key Hole Series: Visual Recon Satellites
    • Mentor Satellite Series: Audio communications espionage device
    • Lacrosse Satellite Series: Visual Recon, can see through clouds and 10 feet of dirt
    • GPS Satellite Series: Used by troops to pinpoint their locations
    • Anti-satellites: Armed with nuclear weapons, used to bring down other satellites
    • Anti-Anti-Satellites: Satellites armed with missiles to bring down anti-satellites
    • SDI Laser Satellites: Satellites that shoot down incoming missiles
For more information, read:
How to Make War by James F. Dunnigan

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