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Sep 23 2006 12 mins   1
Now that we are in the information age, armies everywhere have begun research on robotics, both surface ones and airborne ones. This episode is about the surface ones.

Robots are useful because they never get distracted, they never get tired, and they never get fearful. Also, commanders don't have to worry about human loss when they are using robots. Some of the more famous robots currently used include:
  • MDARS: Autonomous, resembles R2D2 from Star Wars, patrols and secures DoD storage sites
  • TOV: Teleoperated, resembles a Humvee, used to identify enemy armor and designate air strikes
  • TALON/SWORDS: Teleoperated, miniature tanks equipped with a variety of sensors and weapons
  • Packbot: Teleoperated, man-portable, durable and used to scout out the other side of a wall
  • AUV: Autonomous, underwater, used to identify aquatic minefields
  • Super Scorpio: Teleoperated, underwater, used to recover lost naval equipment
For more information, read:
How to Make War by James F. Dunnigan

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