EP 57: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (Ninon de Lenclos)

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Nov 09 2020 25 mins   1

Ninon de Lenclos was a woman way ahead of her time. Born in 1620, she decided at a very early age that she was not going to live the life of the rest of the 17th century women. She didn’t want to be a nun or a wife and there were few other choices left. Ninon would go on to become one of the most celebrated courtesans in Paris. 

Incredibly smart and witty she seduced men with her mind and drew women to her wanting to know her secrets. Ninon would give lessons to men on how to treat women, to listen to them, ask them questions and treat them as an equal. For the women she taught them how to flirt and to use their mind. Her daily salons drew everyone in Paris from Moliere to Charles Perrault. Louis XIV even counted her as a trusted friend and would seek her guidance.

Ninon never gave up her lifestyle and even took lovers into her 80’s

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