EP072 - Soy Balls & Freaky Fireflies 🅴

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Nov 12 2020 11 mins   2
Episode 072: Discusses a viral Tik-Tok Challenge involving Soy Sauce and Testicles & the story of John Glenn's experience with fireflies in space. #TimeKillerPodcast #TikTok #NASA #SoySauce #MercurySeven Buy My Album: http://www.HardcoreSofty.com http://www.Patreon.com/AlfredComedy http://www.AlfredComedy.Com http://www.facebook.com/alfredcomedy/ http://www.twitter.com/AlfredCarcieri http://www.instagram.com/alfredcarcieri The Time Killer Podcast is where stand-up comedian Alfred Carcieri goes over news of the day and all the things he read to kill time lately. Quick takes on recent news stories and fast deep dives on weird stories from history.