Episode 60 - The Shining 🅴

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Nov 16 2020 66 mins   2

On this week's episode of Fearless Films, the guys go on holiday to the infamous Overlook Hotel in Stanley Kubrik's "The Shining."

Pete breaks down the classic horror film, from its pioneering of Steadicam technology, to its differences from the Stephen King source material.
Nerd warning: Pete may go on a rant about how the book is better (but the movie is still great).

Kevin realizes that no where is safe from Stephen King, as this story does not even take place in Maine, but rather the state of Colorado. He also laughs in the face of terror, as he has been trapped in his house with his family for the better part of a year, and no one has even picked up an axe once (he did get smacked with a spatula once, however. Long story).

So join us in the ballroom, grab a drink from the waiter, and always remember: don't get too scared...