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Sep 30 2020 85 mins   2

On ep.30 of Ask Kati Anything! we have writer & podcaster Alison Rosen, the host of Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend and Childish with Greg FitzsimmonsAlison’s roots are in traditional media, having written for Rolling Stone, the NY Post, Vibe, Spin, Maxim, the Village Voice, People, Seventeen, and Elle, among others.

Audience questions for Ask Kati Anything! 

  1. Hi Kati and Alison! I would love to hear what’s your go-to activity when you're having a shitty at-home mental health day, and similarly what’s your most enjoyable form of self-care in pandemic times. Big fan
  2. Hey Kati can you talk about “helicopter parenting.” Whether it is beneficial to a child or not. And what are some effects it can have on someone going out into the world without the knowledge of alcohol, drugs, sex, etc?
  3. Hi Kati, could you maybe talk about what exactly nightmares are? I recently started wondering because pretty much every night (or I usually have them in the morning) my dreams involve fear and anxiety and leave me with these feelings when I wake up. For example, a recurring theme is being chased and having to run for my life, being harassed by my abusive ex, or dreams involving abusive family members or.
  4. How do I trust, open up, and be more honest with my therapist? I realized the more upset I am, the more silent I become since I learn from young that it is better to not just express your feelings. This makes it hard for me to...

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