EP 61: Paris History Avec a Hemingway (Queen Berthe)

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Nov 23 2020 22 mins   2

The statue of Reine Berthe in the Jardin du Luxembourg is one of my favorites of the twenty illustrious ladies in French history. She may not be as well known as Marie de Medicis but you will know the name of her son and her story is pretty amazing. 

Born in 720 to Count Caribert de Laon and Blanche-Fleur de Prum her beauty was known far and wide. When Pepin le Bref, future king of the Franks heard of her stunning beauty he wanted her for his wife. Different histories say he may have been married before to Leutburgie and when he heard of Berthe, he asked Leutburgie to leave court. The marriage was arranged and Berthe headed to court to meet her future husband.

What happens next is a pretty amazing story, tune into the podcast to see how it ends. 

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