With Prof. Joanna Weinberg discussing Azariah De' Rossi & Me'or Enayim

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Nov 25 2020 88 mins   13

 With Prof. Joanna Weinberg (Professor Emerita in early modern Jewish history and Rabbinics, University of Oxford and Hebrew lecturer at Exeter College, Oxford) discussing Azariah De' Rossi (Min HaAdumin) and his work, "Me'or Enayim".
 We discussed his biography, Philo of Alexandria, Rav Yehuda Moscato, the Maharal, and many more. 
 Also discussed was the ban issued by the rabbonim of Italy, the ban of the Beis Yosef as mentioned by the Chida, the Maharal's opposition, and much more.
 To purchase Prof. Weinberg's complete translation, "The Light of the Eyes": https://yalebooks.yale.edu/book/9780300079067/light-eyes