Episode 35 Women's Health & Peptides with Dr. Amber

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Nov 18 2020 53 mins   4

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This week, I get into a great discussion with Dr. Amber on women's health and how peptides can really optimize your wellness goals.

We first discuss what peptides are, and how they can help and then get deeper into which peptides can do what.  Do you want to feel and look younger - well, there's a peptide for that.  Do you want to have more energy - there's a peptide for that too. 

An amazing episode to really explain cutting edge regenerative therapies without using drugs. 

To find Dr. Amber Krogsrud, here website is here:  https://www.drambernd.com
She is also on Instagram here:  https://www.instagram.com/doctorambernd/

Also mentioned in this episode Nathalie Niddam, Holistic Nutritionist. You can find her here https://www.natniddam.com/