1: Safety + Coping Strategies for Leaving Abusive Relationships 🅴

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Jul 17 2019 28 mins   383
In today’s episode, I interview Holistic Psychotherapist, Isaac Smith, MAT, LCSW, NTP to discuss why leaving an abusive relationship safely is important, the cycle of domestic abuse, creating a safety plan, resources available to all, and how others can best support those in an abusive relationship. Episode Resources: FREE interactive safety plan to help you prepare: http://loveisrespect.org National Domestic Violence hotline (http://thehotline.org) 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) Legal help for women by state: http://womenslaw.org List of shelters by city/state: http://domesticshelters.org Find a therapist by city/state: http://psychologytoday.com or http://goodtherapy.org Isaac Smith (http://www.wholewellnesstherapy.com) on Instagram: @WholeWellnessTherapy (http://www.instagram.com/wholewellnesstherapy) Find out more @: https://www.wholewellnesstherapy.com/ Buy tickets for #SWWLIVE Sacramento Saturday August 24th 2019 now at: http://www.somethingwaswrong.com/events Visit BetterHelp (http://www.betterhelp.com) to start working with a licensed therapist today. Something Was Wrong listeners get 10% off their first month with discount code SWW Something Was Wrong is written, produced and edited by Tiffany Reese. On Instagram @LookieBoo (http://www.instagram.com/lookieboo)