Ep. #61 Chasing the Buzz of Nostalgia

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Nov 25 2020 42 mins   2

Chasing the BUZZ of Nostalgia is one of the BIGGEST obstacle to accept and understand when you explore your reationship to alcohol or stop drinking.  This concept is what keeps so many people in deprivation AFTER they stop drinking. It's like they are living under a spell of what alcohol NEVER WAS, but they can't snap out of it, why? Because they didn't have me as their coach! LOL. Seriously.  The nostalgia of alcohol  is actually an error in the human brain that makes NO sense. It goes to show you just how STRONG of a concentrated reward the alcohol is to make the brain completely ERASE all of the painful things about alcohol, and only remember the carols and laughter.
You are in for a wild ride.

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