With R' Moshe Kravetz discussing the Sforno (Rav Ovadiah Sforno, 1475 - 1550)

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Dec 06 2020 104 mins   15

With R' Moshe Kravetz discussing Rav Ovadiah Sforno: His life and works. 
R' Kravetz edited and published critical editions of the Sforno on Chumash, various of his Seforim on Nach, Avos, shiurim of a Talmid on Chumash and Tehillim. 
We discussed the Sforno's life, how to pronounce his name, Italian jewry, his Seforim, Ohr Amim (which the Sforno translated into latin and dedicated it to King Henry II of France), Shlomo Molcho & David HaReuveni, Sforno teaching Reuchlin, Rav Eliyahu BAchur (Elijah Levita), and more