Episode 63 - Child's Play 🅴

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Dec 08 2020 57 mins   2

On this week's episode of Fearless Films, the guys open up one Christmas present early, and inside is a killer doll! This is the late 80's slasher hit, Child's Play!

Pete tells the tale of a notorious serial killer using voodoo magic to inhabit the body of a doll in order to cheat death. He then continues his killing spree while trying to obtain the body of a young boy. In true 80's fashion, all of this madness is played straight and taken most seriously.

Kevin spends the entire episode trying to wrap his head around how a doll could be dangerous in the first place. More than that however, Kevin sympathizes with the high cost of toys for children, and how difficult it can be to please one's kids.

So take the batteries out, close the closet door, and stuff what's left under the bed. Make sure none of your toys are watching, and remember: don't get too scared...