Episode 34 Dream Gift Guide - Gadgets to Optimize Your Best Life

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Nov 13 2020 25 mins   3

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I handpicked 5 of my favourite wellness wearables and talk a bit about how they can have such a positive impact on your life.  Best thing is that I've been able to procure some good discounts for you or your loved ones - especially useful with the holidays coming!

Here they are -

Defender Shield:  https://www.defendershield.com/?ref=sandykruse - 10% off using this link
Silentmode:  https://silentmode.com - 20% off the Powermask and 3 months free Breathonics app - use code SANDYK
Apollo Neuro:  https://apolloneuro.com - 15% off using code SANDYK
Joovv Red Light Therapy:  https://joovv.com - $50 off code use SANDY (some exclusions apply)

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