Episode 64 - The Conjuring 🅴

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Dec 15 2020 55 mins   1

On this week's episode of Fearless Films, the guys talk about The Conjuring! This 2010's haunting film tells the tale of a family set upon by an evil spirit, and the middle aged ghost fighting couple who comes to save them.

Pete explains the history of the Warrens (the couple who fights ghosts), and how in real life, they were charlatans and con artists. The movie is a lot more sympathetic and paints them in heroic colors.

Kevin, as a home owner, offers his insight into just how many spooky events would have to happen to convince him to move out - one. The answer is one spooky happening. His family is not worth the trouble of a ghost who spends its days breaking picture frames and locking people in the basement.

So join us haunted house happening, and remember: don't get too scared...