The Third Armed Uprising in Shanghai

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Dec 17 2020 23 mins   6

On March 21-22, 1927, Shanghai fell to a combination of general strike, armed uprising, and the advance of the National Revolutionary Army.

Further reading:
Steve Smith, A Road Is Made: Communism in Shanghai, 1920-1927

Some names from this episode:
Chen Duxiu, General Secretary of the Communist Party
Li Qiushi, Delegate to the Fifth Communist Party Congress known for being very handsome
Mikhail Borodin, Comintern agent and head of Soviet mission to aid the Guomindang
Henk Sneevliet, alias Maring, Dutch Communist and Comintern leader in China from 1921-1923
Zhou Enlai, Head of the military commission of the Communist Central Committee
Bai Chongxi, NRA commander whose forces occupied Shanghai

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