Episode 65 - Silent Night Deadly Night 🅴

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Dec 22 2020 49 mins   1

Welcome to Christmas time at Fearless Films! Having run out of Black Christmas movies to talk about (for now) Pete and Kevin turn to another Christmas movie for their holiday Cheer. Unfortunately for them 'cheer' is the last thing anyone is feeling as they struggle through this movie.

Pete tries to grapple with the horrendous exploitation in this 80's slasher telling the tale of a deranged orphan pushed past the brink of sanity, donning a Santa costume to go on a bloody Christmastime rampage. 

Kevin spends his time oscillating between trying to understand the choices the movie makers make while criticizing the killer's choices of how he racks up the body count. His work is cut out for him this episode because Pete's right there with him in questioning the choices this movie makes.

So sit back next to the fireplace this Christmas time and make sure to lock your doors, and chimneys this Christmas time as Santa may be looking at your for his "Naught - KILL" list! 

Have a happy holiday season from fearless films and remember - don't get too scared...