The world of Snap with Ben Knutson

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Dec 17 2020 34 mins   1

In this episode of Labs Talk, we talk to Ben Knutsen -  he is the Founder and CEO of kAR Graphics and a Snapchat Ambassador and Lens Creative Partner. As you may guess, this episode is all about the world of Snap and their vast ecosystem of AR-related software.

We start with the Snap Camera Desktop app, which allows you to augment the video-feed of popular videoconferencing apps such as Zoom with Lenses. Other topics include the Snapchat Mobile App, the Spectacles 3 glasses and of course the specifics of the Gen Z which seems to overlap a lot with Snapchat’s users. We also cover the newly introduced Snap Minis, little web experiences that allows brands to become part of Snapchat. We also specifically discuss how brands can use Snap and their software to engage with their Gen Z audiences.