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Jan 01 2021 61 mins   1

In this inaugural episode of #HighlySoughtAfter, I sat down with OG influencer Xiaxue to chat about her journey to social media fame. She has 594K followers on Instagram and 238K subscribers on YouTube. Love her or hate her, when she speaks, people sit up and listen.

Pay special attention to 51:43 when Xiaxue shared her unique way of dealing with haters on social media. Her answer was EPIC!  

Also listen out for her answers to the following questions. 

  • Has fame changed you for worse or for good? 7:50
  • How do you stay so prolific (when many others during your time are now “have beens”? 30:40
  • How did you find your own unique voice as an influencer? 33:19
  • You have a knack in picking up a good story, how do you spot a good story/post? Do you have a creative process? 36:48
  • What were some of your most memorable content (across your blog, Instagram & YouTube)? 38:17
  • You have very hard-core fans. Why do you think they like you so much? 40:22
  • What are your tips when it comes to Instagram? 44:56
  • What are your tips when it comes to YouTube? 46:53
  • Were you happier with 1000 followers or 100,000 followers? 48:06
  • You have a lot of haters too, but they never seem to intimidate you. How do you do that? 51:43
  • What would you advise entrepreneurs who are trying to put themselves out there on social media? 56:34
  • How do we decide which social media platform to be on? 58:46

If you want to keep in touch with Xiaxue, you can reach her on Instagram @xiaxue

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