55 — Chayei Sarah: The Prophet-Wife Tag Team

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Nov 12 2020 49 mins   2

This week, we have an unfortunately timed conversation and totally coincidental conversation about the feasibility of coups. Plus, Lulav introduces us to Bigger Batsheva, we scoff at (and also honor) the idea of personal continuity, and encounter David being an extraordinarily messy bisexual.

Transcript available here.

This week's reading is Kings I 1:1-1:31. Next week's reading is Malachi 1:1–2:7.

Go listen to Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah. Also, a note: depending on how you define 'resigned' and 'pope' and 'history', Benedict XVI was the most recent in a tradition of six to eleven Catholic popes who voluntarily renounced their title. He is, as far as we can tell with a cursory Wikipedia search, the only one to have then taken the title of 'Supreme Pontiff Emeritus.'

Content note: rape mention around 25:22 and end of that relevant segment at 25:55.

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