Social Media and our Psychology (Don't Worry, We'll Talk It Out)

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Jan 19 2021 56 mins   2

Sam Brake Guia, the host of Brains Byte Back, featured on a handful of podcasts as a guest last year, however, on today’s episode, we share a special interview that is likely to be of interest for listeners of Brains Byte Back. Sam was invited onto the podcast “‎Don't Worry, We'll Talk It Out” hosted by Randon Heim  And if you're a longtime listener of Brains Byte Back, you might remember Randon as he was a guest on the episode “Cancel Culture: A digital witch hunt.”  In this episode, titled “Social Media and our Psychology” we discuss the effects of social media, political polarization, conspiracy theories, information overload, and ways to form a healthy relationship with technology and social media.