Impeachment Preview

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Feb 08 2021 11 mins   359
In the inaugural episode of Third Degree, Elie Honig previews the unprecedented second impeachment trial of Donald Trump — what to look for, why it matters, and what comes next. Elie’s analysis doesn’t end with Third Degree.Sign up ( to receive the CAFE Brief, a weekly newsletter featuring articles by Elie, a weekly roundup of politically charged legal news, and historical lookbacks that help inform our current political challenges. Transcript, references and supplemental materials are available on the CAFE website: Third Degree is produced by CAFE Studios. Executive Producer: Tamara Sepper; Senior Editorial Producer: Adam Waller; Technical Director: David Tatasciore; Audio and Music Producer: Nat Weiner; Editorial Producers: Sam Ozer-Staton, Noa Azulai. See for privacy information.