Ch. 1 - What Is the Bible?

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Jul 07 2009 73 mins   444
In this lesson, Carson kicks off this exciting Bible course by describing the sacred, inspired nature of the Bible, which is a quality unique to the 73 books of Sacred Scripture. What do we mean when we say that Scripture is inspired, and where do we go in the Bible itself to find this claim? The answer is to be found in Chapter 3 of St. Paul's Second Epistle to St. Timothy. In the second half of this lesson, Carson examines the golden thread that ties the Biblical narrative together (from the Old Testament right on through the New Testament). This unifying principle is called "the covenant," and it is extremely important to understand the nature of a covenant in order to understand the story that the Bible tells. Understanding the Scriptures begins not only with knowledge of the inspired nature of these writings but also an understanding of a covenantal worldview.