OSR 006: The Bulletproof Exuctive Dave Asprey talkes about Bulletproof coffee, sleep, and hacking the body

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In this episode we will talk about: -What is Bullet proof Coffee and why should we drink it? -My new intro music. I want to hear what you guys think let me know. -I had my baby boy Nolan Jacob Nawrocki May 10 2013. -Dave Asprey, Bulletproof Executive. I was able to track him down and get an interview with him. – How to live longer by sleeping less In this session you’ll discover: I got an email form a friend about a new type of coffee it is called Bulletproof Coffee. Bulletproof Coffee is a process that adds grass fed butter and MCT oil into your coffee. It sounds nuts but you will feel different from any other type of coffee you have ever had. The personal effects I have found from this type of coffee has been noticeable. I have personally had longer stretches of caffeine buzz throughout the day. I did not feel the traditional crash like most coffees I have tried. Here is the exact way to make your own Bulletproof coffee Recipe. ( This was taken from www.bulletproofexec.com) *Start with 4-500 ml (2 mugs) of black coffee brewed with my mold-free beans. *Add 2 Tbs (or more, up to 80 grams, about 2/3 of a standard stick of butter) of Kerry Gold or other UNSALTED grass-fed butter *Add 30 grams of MCT oil for max energy, weight loss and brain function (this is 6 times stronger than coconut oil, your next best choice) *Blend with a pre-heated hand blender, Magic Bullet, or (best) counter top blender until there is a creamy head of foam. (It doesn’t work well if you mix it with a spoon) Why should I only use grass-fed butter? Grass-fed butter is much healthier than other butter. It doesn’t make cholesterol levels worse, it makes them better! Starting your day with grass-fed butter will give you lots of energy and it will give your body healthy fats that it will use to make cell walls and hormones. We also talk about how to sleep less and do more. I read on the blog about how we can increase our living time if we reduce our sleeping time. This is a very personal thing when it comes to know ones self. If you have issues sleeping no need to try or read this. If you feel you need more time in your day to increase your output I highly suggest you read his article. I will post it in the links below. Dave Asprey has given me a 10% coupon to share with you. Head over to his store where you can buy all products related to health, mind, and body. I posted the link in the link section below this article. Some of you might need help making your own personal Bulletproof coffee so that is why I made a You Tube video of me making it from scratch. Head over to my You Tube channel and check it out. If you don’t like coffee no need to worry I also show you how to make your modified Yack butter tea. Check it out and give it a try. Links: Bulletproof Executive Bulletproof Coffee How to sleep less and live more Bulletproff Store At check out make sure you use the Coupon CODE: Operationselfreset for 10% off. You can go here to buy your MCT oil, Bulletproof Coffee Beans, Coconut oil, and other tools Dave Aspray has used in upgrading his life. I Make Bulletproof Coffee OSR style on You Tube [hr] [spoiler]You’re listening to Operation Self Reset with Jake Nawrocki. This is the moment when you reset your life. Hey guys, welcome back to Operation Self Reset: the one and only place to change the way you think, act, and believe in yourself and what do you guys think of that new introduction? Huh, that music? Does that get you going? Is this like, you know what? I’m now motivated, I’m inspired. Let’s do this! Let’s reset our lives! Yeah! No, you’re not? Okay, well, you know what? I’m gonna keep changing it up until I find that exact song that everybody can be just super inspired and super motivated. I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen so I’m gonna stick with this for the time being and we’ll see how it goes. So stay posted. I might change it. I might keep it. We’ll see. If you guys have any suggestions for me, please send me an email on OperationSelfReset.co