Ch. 4 - The Early World

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Jul 07 2009 74 mins   241
In this lesson, Carson covers Chapters 4 through 11 in the Book of Genesis. The author of Genesis contrasts the descendants of Cain (the evil seed of the serpent) with the line of Seth (the righteous seed of the woman), and various interpretive clues in the text help us to discern what the original human author intended to affirm. Noah is a New Adam. The Flood and the subsequent repopulation of the earth are presented as a New Creation. God's covenant family is at odds with those who attempt to create a name (Hebrew: shem) for themselves out of pride and vainglory. Calling upon the name of the Lord indicates covenant worship. Find out what the Hebrew names: Cain, Abel, and Seth mean and how Genesis 1-6 is a literary parallel of Genesis 7-11. All this and more in this podcast episode!