The SWCA Podcast Episode 58: Imperial Commander Crisp

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This month is frontloaded with nonsense as Steve bears with Skye defending his unpopular pronunciations of the AT-AT and Nien Nunb, then the show proceeds at a nice crisp pace with Gus jumping on to discuss the history of the Archive and we give ALL The details of the Archive Party II. Were talking giveaways, contests, parody cardbacks and how you get tickets and when they go on sale. Coins? Patches? Pins? Custom 4-Ups? How can you be one of the 25 SUPREME MASTERS? Listen and find out. Then we get Derek Ho on line from the future in Singapore for a World Tour and we discus collecting the Imperial Commander and a little on the history of collecting proof cards post 2002 with tales of Tom Niehiesal's famous sales list and the huge Colpar Blowout of 2005, we have a sad lost nugget and have a spirited round of the Market Watch game. Plus, did someone say B-B-Bonus interview with Thorsten Lafos? I did! And, the less said about Skye's new song the better. 'Chive Cast 58, check it out!