2012 #21: Nick Doody and Steve Gribbin

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2012 #21: Monkey Jesus - Nick Doody and Steve Gribbin. Rich is delighted that at last some funny news stories have appeared for him to joke about, like badly restored frescos and Prince Harry's embodied anus, but the audience aren't so sure that he is as funny as he thinks he is despite him having a T-shirt which PROVES he is the 6 star King of Edinburgh. Nick Doody is sitting on the guest stool today and chats about how it's a bad idea to consult a comedian if you have blood in your urine, how he lives in the opening titles of Peep Show, why there is a massive picture of his face in Edinburgh and at Seaworld and the time he interviewed Bill Hicks as a 19 year-old (listen to it here: http://bit.ly/DoodyHicks). Richard is unpleasant and the audience seem surprised, but he at least apologises for some of his worst excesses before compounding them. But he asks the questions that other interviewers fear to ask, but only because he hasn't got a list with the proper questions on and thinks it's better to ask about ghosts. Steve Gribbin provides the music as he will on every 23rd August as long as this podcast is running. It's a guaranteed booking.