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Nov 02 2016 50 mins   18
Developing art lessons can be overwhelming to create with a busy schedule. Sure you can use the same art lessons every year but every now and again, you’ll want (or be required) to create lessons for a very specific topic or subject. Over the years, I created a criteria for assessing whether or not a lesson will work in my art program. I call it my SPARKLE method for lesson development. These 7 key steps will help you create art projects that are unique to you, your art program and that your students will love. IN THIS EPISODE YOU’LL LEARN: Why it’s important to flex your creative muscles and see what you can create on your own How I get ideas for my new projects, both around the house and while travelling Why illustrations have to be understandable for children in order to convert successfully into an art lesson What to do if you have a set curriculum to follow The secret to know if a project will work for students Why you don’t need to apologize for your weaknesses - play up your strengths! How it’s important to try out a new lesson yourself before introducing it to your class Why if you’re introducing an art concept in a school environment, there has to be a reason for it How telling a story or interesting fact about an artist will engage children and make the lesson memorable When you’re doing research you can use sensory details to explain or elaborate on an artist’s technique How YouTube videos can easily be used to teach kids about artists that you’re not overly familiar with When designing a lesson around a master, make sure the person has a broad appeal for the age group you’re teaching to How using lingo, or vocabulary, in your art room is a great way to make sure your lesson planning is on track The mindset shift I had to make when it came to using 3-D forms Subscribe to Art Made Easy and receive new episodes directly on your phone via your podcast Ap. Note: If you have an iPhone, subscribe in iTunes. If you have an Android phone, subscribe in Stitcher. SHOW NOTES: Eric Carle Lois Ehlert Old Bear & Leaf Collage Lesson (inspired by Kevin Henke) Etsy Karla Gerard Sandra Silberzweig (Etsy Shop) Mizzlee_Art (Instagram) “A Rock Is Lively” by Dianna Hutts Aston Art Made Easy’s Free Art Supply Checkist (downloadable pdf) Romero Britto Facebook Page Maud Lewis Art with Mati & Dad YouTube channel Getting to Know Videos on YouTube Fred Babb Keith Haring Nellie Shepherd