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Oct 06 2016 43 mins   28
Yoland Smith (Yerkes Primate Center, Emory University) discusses how the motor symptoms of Parkinsonism may not connect with our emerging understanding of the the complex interconnectivity of the basal ganglia thalamo-cortical loop. The group discuss anatomical details of the circuit in rodent and primate, and consider other possible network components that might generate the complex pathophysiology of Parkinson’s Disease. Apologies for the crackle in the recording. We recommend not doing this one with headphones. This one is so worth it, please bear with us! Duration: 43 minutes Discussants:(in alphabetical order) Alfonso Apicella (Asst Prof, UTSA) Carlos Paladini (Assoc. Prof, UTSA) Charles Wilson (Ewing Halsell Chair, UTSA) acknowledgement: JM Tepper for original music.