Episode 20 - THE BURNING OF SCANDUS PRIME (All Caps Kinda Episode)

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Nov 09 2016 191 mins   19
In this episode we talk All Scandus (plus some new stuff) in our main segment we go through the whole event , talking about games, the atmosphere, crazy as shit knight jousts and THE PRIZE DRAW!!! INTRO - BODIES - Drowning Pool Opening Social media/shout-outs Facebook: The Varangian Heresy Podcast Twitter: Varangian Heresy Email: [email protected] Greetings, banter Host hobby progress/project/updates MUSICAL BREAK - THE BOYS ARE BACK IN TOWN - Thin Lizzy Main topic: THE BURNING OF SCANDUS PRIME Podcast battle rounds 2 - 5 the Legend of Fulgrim and the knight joust overall thoughts MUSICAL BREAK - PARTY ROCK ANTHEM - LMFAO Wrap-up Warlord Raffle Facebook: Warlord raffle against DMD Events Global Horus Heresy Escalation: The Scouring of þungur Metallikos Escalation update Avarii 4: 17 December BSK general info: 1500 points and 2500 points. 20 spots will be available. THE SATURDAY, THE CAMPAIGN DAY; 5TH NOVEMBER Shout Outs - Minature Realm Studios ScatterShot Painting ScatterShot hobbies Lil Legend studios Podcast shoutouts Age of Darkness Northern Heresy Radio Free Istvaan / TFL Eye of Horus Seize the Initiative Geno Five Two Load dice podcast The Covenant Of Fire - Jake rocking the new boy Tag OUTRO - BODIES - Drowning Pool