Story#7: "Purple"

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Nov 19 2016 24 mins   157
In today's story: Lydia is a wealthy merchant who dyes and sells purple cloth to those who can afford it. She lives a life of luxury but has a single regret - she hasn't heard from her son in years. He turned his back on "serving the rich", and has become a teacher to the poor. When she at last receives a letter telling her where he now lives, she resolves to travel to him - though she doesn't realize how difficult and transformative the journey will be. *This story is the subject of our conversation with Laura Chauvin, a non-profit strategist and charitable advisor who is the founder of Her Best Foot Forward, shoe-makers and shoe-buyers in collaboration to empower women and girls.* About SparkleCast: SparkleCast explores the use of story in parenting and education. One week we share a free story for you to enjoy, and the next week we discuss the story with an expert and thought leader – with the aim of using the story (and all stories) as a parenting and educational tool. For more stories and tutorials, visit the Sparkle website: Questions? Ideas? Requests? Email us! [email protected] Enjoy!